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Graduation Shaker Card

My younger brother graduated!!! I’m so proud of him! Again, I didn’t know how I was going to decorate a card for a teenage boy. But it came to me one evening that I could use my large circle puncher to create a shaker card. With any shape puncher, you’re pretty much restricted to the edges of the paper and that’s how I came about going with the balloons idea. Continue reading “Graduation Shaker Card”


Birthday Card with Lil Goodies

A birthday card I made for my cousin. This time I remembered to include a picture of the envelope I made, as most these cards so far are pretty thick. Continue reading “Birthday Card with Lil Goodies”

Accordion Birthday Card

I made a birthday card for my youngest brother. Teenage boys are tricky, I have no idea how to decorate the card (also clueless on what kind of presents boys that age would like). So this card is more on the minimalist side.  Continue reading “Accordion Birthday Card”

My First Flip Book

When you think of flip books, you think of those little booklets that you flip through quickly so you would see the little animation come to life. Well that’s what I thought, until I came upon “Snail mail flip books” on YouTube. I was intrigued by the creativity and gaudiness of it all, so I made one to congratulate my sister on her pregnancy. This was back in April. Continue reading “My First Flip Book”

DIY Travel Notebook

My latest DIY, the travel notebook. This is how I made mine… Continue reading “DIY Travel Notebook”

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