The Name

How I came about calling my blog “Anh|Off the record”. My name is Anh and from as far as I can remember people pronounced it “On”, although it sounds more like “Un”. If you know Vietnamese it’s the word for (older) brother, though that’s not what my name means.

So usually after I introduce myself, people tend to say, “On? Like opposite of Off?” or they think they are clever with this joke; “So do you have a sister name Off?” And when I’m in the mood I reply, “Actually I have a sister who is also named Anh”. Yes, I have a sister with the same name. Don’t ask me why my parents decided to do that. The pronunciation of my name should probably be the less of my worries. I should be in hysterics with identity crisis of some sort.

Now you get the little inside joke with “Anh | Off”. “Record” was chosen because I didn’t want to use blog, journal, or diary. Thank you thesaurus from

“Anh | Off : The Record”
“Anh the record”
“Off the record”
“Anh, off the record”

The Blog

Aside from school journals, I’ve kept a diary for the longest I can remember…

“I got this Diary since Jan. 5, 1991 Belong to Anh, 9 years old”

In 2001 I entered the realm of online blogging, joined Xanga, Live Journal, and other popular sites. Presently I reside here. For the first 6 years of this blog, it was a photo blog, because personally I enjoyed looking at blogs that had pictures compared to blogs that only had content. I was also inspired by a friend who took a photo a day to document his year, actress Doona Bae, for her photo essay books, and the late fashion blogger, Yulanda Yee of Little Thoughts.

Currently (from late 2015), I’m more enthusiastic to writing posts on things I’m interested in and my hobbies. Just to name a few and these maybe forever changing…

  • cooking
  • music
  • makeup
  • art
  • table top games
  • books

I may from time to time, write about what I’m up to or my personal thoughts (similar to how this blog first started off as).

Fair warning!

I do go through periods of time where I don’t update as often. My Instagram on the other hand, I’ve been pretty good with posting. So if you want to know what’s up, because you’re bored or curious or both; you can follow me @NO.2_Anh