I made a birthday card for my youngest brother. Teenage boys are tricky, I have no idea how to decorate the card (also clueless on what kind of presents boys that age would like). So this card is more on the minimalist side. 

I used two blank white cards. For the front, I used a stencil and stamped with Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad. The lines didn’t come out crisp, because the front of the card came with an embossed design in the middle. However, I found this made the card look more interesting. I also added these crimped paper flowers I made.

I attached the second card with deco tape to create an accordion style. Each page represented my niece and nephews. They wrote birthday wishes and drew pictures for their uncle. I sprinkled some loose birthday confetti in their notes and tucked it inside these little envelopes I made.

I don’t know if my brother liked the card, but I hope he knows that we wished him a wonderful birthday from our hearts!