A birthday card I made for my cousin. This time I remembered to include a picture of the envelope I made, as most these cards so far are pretty thick.

I used the same blank white card with the embossed design in the middle. The floral print border is fabric washi tape and I added crimped paper flowers. These flowers are tedious to make (it’s the crimping part). I figured out the easiest way for me to make them and so I made a whole bunch for future uses.

A closer look at the goodies! From left to right: small shaker bag with glitter, birthday confetti, plastic flower and heart gems. A holographic die cut letter that I turned into a bookmark, decorated paperclip and some good luck kitty stickers.

Unfortunately, I won’t be making and sending these type of cards in the future if it’s going overseas. This 5.75 in. x 5.75 in. card, due to its thickness it was counted as a parcel, so shipping was much higher than I would like ($13-$14 USD). I want to apologize to my other cousins who live overseas, that I won’t be sending them cards like this one. But I promise it will be just as cute and pretty!