When you think of flip books, you think of those little booklets that you flip through quickly so you would see the little animation come to life. Well that’s what I thought, until I came upon “Snail mail flip books” on YouTube. I was intrigued by the creativity and gaudiness of it all, so I made one to congratulate my sister on her pregnancy. This was back in April.

The purpose of these flip books is to send little bits of trinkets and/or craft supplies to the receiver to use. My sister had told me she was going to make a scrapbook for the baby, so I thought a flip book would be perfect.

On the left, I stamped some cute animals on card stock and used regular scotch tape, so my sister can easily peel it off and use them. I wrapped some pastel green rocking horse trimming around the yellow carriage and put a sticker of a cow (inside joke) to stop it from unraveling.

I wrote a letter on this cute die cut bear (actually not 100% sure it’s a bear, but it sorta looked like one) and tucked it into the little envelope I made.

In the middle I made another little envelope and tucked inside is a holographic die cut letter, that I turned into a bookmark. Also a little small shaker bag with glitter, stars, sequins and beads that spelled out, baby boy. On the right side, I clipped together some stickers and a dinosaur tattoo with a decorated paperclip I made.

My sister thought the card was adorable, but she’s hesitant to take it apart to use in her scrapbook. She may just put it in her memory box. I’m glad she liked it.