Originally I wrote this post for the “Recipes” tab, but for some reason if you click the “Recipes” tab it will show you the most recent post I made to the blog instead. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, just click the “Imagination” tab on my blog and it will transfer you to a page titled “Imagination” (there’s nothing underneath, since I didn’t write anything). But for some reason it doesn’t do that for my “Recipes” tab.

Oh well, anyway, moving on… I decided making it into a blog post would work too 🙂

First let me state that I am in no way a professional or an expert. I just enjoy cooking.

Why am I sharing my recipes, if I’m not an expert?
Because I create multiple variations of the same dish, due to what ingredients I have at home at the time. I would remember the taste of one and try to remake it, but I can’t recall what I used or how much of the ingredient I put in. Honestly, these recipe posts are more for me, so I can go back and look it up if I can’t remember.

These recipes I’m sharing with you, most are 1-2 servings. Why?
A lot of the time I cook for just myself and I find most recipes out there are usually for a minimum of 4 people. For all you single people, I think you will understand me when I say there are some weeks you just don’t want to eat the same thing for 5 days straight. So if you’re single, these recipes are for you. If you’re not or if you’re having a get together, you may have to double or triple the ingredients.

Where do I get my inspiration?
Sometimes, I have a craving for a certain dish or I see an ad, something on tv or even what other people are eating. Most times I use what I have at home, it’s like my own version of Chopped (TV show), but not that extreme in ingredient variation.

I hope you guys enjoy my recipes. Of course you may have to tweak a few things to cater to your own taste. Bon Appétit!