If you saw my latest post on Instagram you would see the layout for my travel journal (leather cover, folder cover, journal booklet, book reviews booklet and watercolor booklet). I did not anticipate how quickly I went through the journal booklets and ended up completing 3 of them. The book reviews and watercolor booklets are still incomplete.

The folder cover (bird & flowers) is going to house these 3 journal booklets. I haven’t decided if I want to elastic band or maybe hot glue gun them in. If anyone have suggestions please do tell. Originally these booklets were going to be daily lists of anything, from shopping list to reminders. But overtime it ended up more like a journal. This post will show some entries from the “List” booklet. “Two” and “Three” will be in another posts.

The black bar on the upper left corner is actually a bright blue metallic tape, but I was not able to capture that in this picture.

I’m sorry for the glare in this photo and the next one too.

Under Keroppi (the frog) it says, “Savor the dark with your favorite pairing” and I stamped “Milk tea & Board games”.

Thank you for looking at this post. Booklet “Two” will be up tomorrow.