Originally I had wanted to share my travel notebook updates via video. I have yet to learn how to video edit and also I don’t have an overhead tripod. This post is a preview of just the watercolor insert of my travel notebook.

Once upon a time, I had wanted to make a comic strip. The main problem was I couldn’t think of a storyline. Another problem was during that period I was really into anime and was frustrated with my drawings. I have never been happy with any of my original characters.

Fall of 2015, I took in advice that was most often given to writers; “Write what you know.” That’s when it dawned on me, my comic should be based on what I know. That’s how “Summer and Pine” came about. My new blog (now closed down) was actually the names for the two main characters of this comic I was going to draw based on myself and my dog.

Summer is based on me and Pine is based on my miniature schnauzer. My friends can tell you the countless stories I’ve told overtime regarding my dog. I also have a very elaborate imagination. Even with this development I was still hesitant, because I needed to figure out how Summer and Pine should look. What drawing style should they be? Very detailed or keep it simple? So instead of doing a comic strip, I thought it was best to start it off small. This process hopefully would help me develop the drawing style for these characters that I would be happy with. I decided to do a journal, a one-a-day style format.

I had started this project in April 2016 and stopped in May (I will pick it up again). I went back and started coloring with watercolor pencils. I don’t like how the medium looked after seeing the outcome of the first entry, so for the rest of the entries I left them in black and white. I will begin posting these journal drawings on my Instagram account (No.2_Anh). I would love some suggestions on what medium to use to color these entries in?