Happy Lunar New Year!!! February was a very busy month; better to be busy then not (I’d say).

The beginning of the month a friend invited me to a K-pop concert, a boy group by the name of Topp Dogg. It was my first time at the Bayou Music Center for a concert and there were seats (folding chairs) in the general area. In the past, all concerts I have attended the general area were standing only. I was so thankful for the chair, except everyone stood up once the concert started. The other three friends that were invited had not heard of Topp Dogg either. The funny thing is only two out of four of us are into K-pop; I’m one of the two. Us two, we sat down near the end of the concert and the other two, who weren’t into K-pop, were dancing! Then again I’m much more of a reserved concert goer. I’m the head bopping/toe-tapping type. The only time I ever had my arms up in the air was at Lily Allen’s concert, because EVERYBODY decided to push forward and squeezed tightly into one huge group; I was not about to accidentally touch/brush up anyone!

Topp Dogg concert was fun and different for the following reasons:

  • They had an MC.
  • Each member introduced himself and said a few words.
  • During intermission they played these video clips of the members getting punked.
  • Halfway through the concert, the thirteen members split into two teams and invited a few of the audience to come up and participate in a game of Telephone Charades.
  • A birthday cake was brought up to the stage and the audience sang “Happy Birthday” to one of the members.

Valentine’s week, I was needed to work the full week and late hours at the floral shop. We had extra helpers the last two days leading up to Valentine; I met some nice and talented floral designers & shop owner’s friends. On Valentine’s Day we got to closed early (compared to the days prior). It was all thanks to the gentleman who came in and bought a bouquet of four dozen roses, that took the majority of roses we had left. That evening I had dinner with a couple of friends at Yaal Tiffins and milk tea at Honey Bee.

On a different evening, we gathered for the floral shop’s girls’ night out starting with dinner at Buca di Beppo and then to Discovery Green to see Bruce Munro’s Field of Light before the park removed the installation. The evening ended at The Grove with spiked hot chocolate. I had the El Turron; disaronno, limoncello, honey, almonds.

I celebrated my sister’s bday with her, her sister-in-laws and friend. I couldn’t make it to the dinner portion, but joined them at the movie theater to see “Fifty Shades of Grey”. The movie was okay, I’m not completely sold on the cast selection. Dakota Johnson’s (Anastasia) and Jamie Dornan’s (Christian Grey) acting finally came through at the end of the movie. I’m not saying they can’t act. It’s just this movie there was little emotion shown except lust and near the end was the only time emotion was strongly conveyed.

This Lunar New year, my family and I went to a buffet instead of cooking. We also played Bầu Cua Cá Cọp. No, we’re not high rollers. We gambled with quarters, dimes and nickels. I think the highest bet was 75 cents. The next day I had lunch with my parents at Don Café and saw lion dances in front of another restaurant.

I attended my first Oscar-viewing Party. One of my friends is a huge movie buff and he throws these annual Oscar-Viewing parties. This year he had first & second place prizes for guests with the highest number of correct winners. I haven’t seen most of the movies and guessed for the bulk of the categories. It was entertaining and I met a few new friendly people.

My February likes/loves…

  • Totally in love with The Shanghai Restoration Project’s album, The Classics. Classic Chinese songs I grew up listening to, but redone in a modern electronic jazz style.
  • Obsession with avocado & eggs continue. This time I made it into a salad (like potato salad) and generously spread it across toasted sliced bread.
  • Prada Candy perfume, OPI nail polish in Lucky Lucky Lavender and MAC lipstick in Asian Flower. The lipstick I haven’t worn this year, but still swooning over the color every time I see it. I guess I’m in a pinkish lavender color phase.
  • Thank you so much to one of my friends who picked up a Cinderella Vinylmation blind box for me! They were out of them at the Disney stores in the Galleria and Premium Outlet. I’m happy I got Lady Tremaine, because what’s up with Cinderella’s and Prince Charming’s face? There’s also a limited edition Villainous Duo Set: Anastasia & Drizella that’s sold only at the Disney World’s and Disneyland’s parks. I would love to get it, but I won’t be visiting either location anytime soon.
  • Saw “Kingsman: The Secret Service” with two of my gal pals. Colin Firth is still hot =)
  • This isn’t a love or like, but the first. The first time I ever ordered linguine with clams, baked salmon and going out on the intent to get an alcoholic drink. I’ve never ordered anything with clams or fish (the only fish I eat are in sushi) and I don’t drink—I had to say that in case you think me a drunk, cause that second sentence sounds like something an alcoholic would say =P

Ciao, until next month!

The Shanghai Restoration Project – The Classics (Album Medley)