Something happened in July. Most of August I’ve been reclusive and exhausted. The heat has been sweltering, so I camped out in my fortress and spend my days watching dramas.

Typically I don’t like to watch dramas that are currently airing, I usually wait until it’s completed then binge watch. But on my To-Watch-List, it was mainly of melodramas. Melodramas for me is a drag. I can’t stand the long agonizing love stories. I tried Angel Eyes, but quit half way. That’s how I ended up watching three ongoing dramas *sigh*…

Fated To Love You – South Korean Romance Comedy (20 Episodes)

A remake of the popular 2008 Taiwanese drama by the same name. A docile, meek office lady, Kim Mi-Young wins a vacation trip for two. She invites her boyfriend in hopes to progress their relationship. Wealthy CEO, Lee Gun, had planned a romantic proposal to his long time girlfriend, Kang Se-Ra. Somehow Mi-Young ends up in Gun’s room and they had an accidental one-night-stand. She later finds out she’s pregnant. What will happen to these two?

So far I appreciate the added storyline of Lee Gun as well as for the secondary male character, Daniel Pitt, which makes the overall plot more understandable then the Taiwan version. I have to say Gun’s laugh scares the bejeezus out of me. Why couldn’t they give him some other signature characteristic? There’s two more episodes left, and my only disappointment with this drama was how quickly Mi-Young recuperated after the climax.

I’m not a fan of Jang Na-ra (who plays Mi-Young), but that’s probably due to the drama My Love Patzzi. I felt she didn’t fit the role for My Love Patzzi and hence forth I didn’t watch too many of her dramas. Having said that, I feel this role (Mi-Young) is more befitting.

Perfect Couple – Taiwanese Historical Period Drama (45 Episodes)

Born with a silver spoon, Detective Jin Yuan Bao was gifted by the Queen to wed Jiang Xiao Xuan and given them the title of Perfect Couple. Though Yuan Bao does not believe in arranged marriage, he concedes due to his mother’s pleading. Xiao Xuan also does not want to marry into a loveless marriage. Enters Yu Qing Ling, a country side, street smart girl who is searching for her adoptive mother’s biological son. Qing Ling suspects that Yuan Bao is the lost son. She ends up trading places with Xiao Xuan. At the same time, girls are going missing in the capital. Will Detective Yuan Bao find who’s behind the kidnapping? Will he figure out he married an imposter or will he fall in love?

I haven’t watched historical dramas in a very long time…13 years? I was hesitant with Perfect Couple, but after running out of things to watch I decided to try one episode. I’m glad I did, this drama has been a pleasant surprise. It is hilarious! You get comedy, romance, action and mystery. Though the audience knows the answers to the mystery, it’s watching the characters unfolding it which makes it thrilling.

I love the characters’ costumes and style in this drama. The set designs are beautiful as well. My only complaint would be this one scene, which I won’t say anymore cause it would be a spoiler. I feel they could have choreographed it better. I can’t deny Wallace Huo and Tiffany Yang have great chemistry on film, I might end up watching other dramas that they have worked on together. I’m currently on episode 23 and it’s been released up to 35. I think I’ll hang in there and wait for the remaining episodes to complete before I continue.

It’s Okay, That’s Love – South Korean Medical Romance (16 Episodes)

When I first saw the trailer, I was shocked. I was wondering what rating it would be as it seems it would be for a mature audience. I figured the trailer must not be what it seems because there’s no way South Korea would air MA material on public television. It turned out I was correct. The trailer was spliced up of dialogues from differ scenes to make you think other wise.

I don’t know how to give you the synopsis for this one, this drama is very different. So I’ll give you bits of the first episode, believe me it was such an attention grabber.

Famous author and radio DJ, Jang Jae-Yeol is out celebrating the success of his most recent novel. He’s up front DJing at a night club with his girl and fans, all of a sudden a white-haired man rushes out, screams and starts stabbing him in the shoulder with a fork. Some people try stop the white-haired man, but got hurt in the process. The police finally captured the him, he screams he’s going to kill Jae-Yeol next time. This white-haired man is no other than Jae-Yeol’s older brother, Jang Jae-beom. He had served time in prison for killing their stepfather.

Ji Hae-soo is a psychiatrist at a University Hospital. She self-diagnose herself as having anxiety towards commitment and has a sex phobia. She encounters Jae-Yeol on a television program and finds him arrogant and a player. Jae-Yeol on the other hand is intrigued by her. Jae-beom continues to stand by and say he didn’t kill their stepfather that Jae-Yeol was the murderer. Jae-Yeol has flashbacks of his abusive past. Will Hae-soo be able to help Jae-Yeol? Who really killed stepfather?

Exciting isn’t it? As with Jang Na-ra, I’m not big on Gong Hyo-jin. Between the two actresses I have to say Gong Hyo-jin seemed to be casted in the wrong roles; Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School, Pasta and The Greatest Love. Though I liked a few of those dramas, I just felt she was out-of-place. After The Master’s Sun and this drama, It’s Okay, That’s Love, I think these roles are more well-suited for her; unorthodox dramas. I enjoyed Hyo-jin in The Master’s Sun, it was a very unique genre (horror romance) and she carried her character well. I hope she continues to find more unique roles.

[Note: For fans of Jang Na-ra and/or Gong Hyo-jin, I am not anti-fan. They are both great actresses. My opinion is that they were put in wrong roles when there are other roles that better suited them.]