[Side Notes: I had given up on going back and blogging past posts. It turns out I’m not so great on updating social media stuff. I hardly ever post right away on Instagram; mine should permanently be called Latergram. So let’s move on with what’s been going on… I had injured my wrist and been diagnosed with tendonitis. For the past month I’ve been packing as my lease was reaching to the end. My roommate and I did our walk-through the other day.]

My keys jingled as I tried to slide it into the lock when Osaki opened the door, which for some reason came as a surprise though I knew she was there. We stood where our living room used to be. I don’t remembered what we said, but our voices echoed. It was odd seeing the apartment empty, as if we had never lived there at all. It only seemed like yesterday we were standing in the same spot checking the place out to rent.

After we handed in our keys and said our goodbyes in front our cars. I felt like I was saying goodbye forever, which is ridiculous because neither one of us moved that far away.

Thank you for being my roommate; you’ll always be my Nana.
Does that make me Hachi? Well I do speak dog.

I guess the universe was telling me not to be too sad, cause Osaki and I somehow ended up at the same gas station pumping gas across from each other. We’re still under the same glamorous sky. Yes, I know I’m cheesy.

Mika Nakashima – Glamorous Sky