Yesterday was an odd day, emotionally odd. I felt a loneliness that I cannot really put into words maybe the best way to describe it is… nagging loneliness. I went about my evening routine: took Mr. Dog out, ate dinner, showered and there it was still hanging over me, this emotion I couldn’t shrug off. I decided to watch a Korean variety show that always seems to relax me.

I’ve been ok being single. For the most part my mind is consumed with a certain goal. The only times I thought about being in a relationship or feel the void of companionship are when watching rom-coms, shows featuring couples or family. It would be nice to have someone to share that with. I ended up watching We Got Married, smiling with giddiness and chuckling. During commercial break something clicked, I checked my calendar and mentally marked was the 1 year anniversary of dating myself. I wanted to text my friends, tell someone, but what was I supposed to say?

I’ve moved back home (Parent’s). It’s like I am picking up where I left off 9 years ago, if I hadn’t gotten back together with him. Back then in this house, I dreamt about getting a new car and a pet dog, of which I have now. Sleeping in my old bedroom I have a new goal and that’s to work towards getting a place of my own.