Wild Moccasins
Houston based Indie band (well I believe they’re Houston base). They have performed at Cactus Music several times, but somehow I had mixed them up with another band (whose music wasn’t really my thing) and never gone. Glad I got a chance to hear and hope to see them again.


A plain hotdog from The Lake House (Yeah I know, nothing special). And Pistachio macarons from Bite Macarons. I was looking forward to Salty Caramel, but it wasn’t offered for the event. I highly recommend that flavor!


La Femme
A psyche-punk rock band all the way from France. Although I don’t understand a word, they were awesome!!!

This was my second year attending French Cultures Festival and it surely did not disappoint. The French really know how to rock! Though I was not happy being in close proximity to the girl in front of me by the stage, who was secretly pouring liquor from her purse into her soda cup. Oh, not to mention the massive hair whipping. I know everyone enjoys concerts in differ ways. I guess I should be thankful that I didn’t end up in a middle of a stranger’s fist fight or got thrown up on.

LYS, one of the bands in attendance from last year, was also part of this year’s line up. However, my friends and I missed them. We were a bit late and upon arrival Wild Moccasins was performing. Not sure if LYS went up before Wild Moccasins or after, because after a few songs from Wild Moccasins we went to eat.

I brought cash in hopes that LYS had albums or LPs for sale, because they didn’t last year. If they had performed that evening, then they must had a very tight schedule cause they left right after going on stage. Instead I bought both La Femme’s CD & LP, they graciously signed/drew on both.

My friends gave me some insight on future music purchases, because of the availability of music in digital form and obtainable/affordable technology there are more choices. I absolutely love vinyl, I only get CDs so I can play it in my car (this was before auxiliary and USB outlet became the standard). So this is what they said; Get mp3 because it saves space and convenience and only buy CDs of bands I truly love. Makes perfect sense.

Afterwards there was an After-Party with the bands at MKT Bar. I look forward to next year, and am very curious to hear who they have lined up.