Village Kitchen




Chinese Lantern Festival


Fuzzy’s Taco Shop



Pete’s Cafe



King Spa & Sauna


Koryo Kalbi Korean BBQ


After the aquarium we went to have dinner at Village Kitchen. I had planned on ordering Shrimp Corndogs that was on the menu seen online, but it was not on the physical menu. I ended up ordering Lobster Roll. It was ok, it cannot compare to the mouth-watering Lobster Roll from Maine-ly Sandwiches in Houston. But their mussels were delicious, and I had thought I didn’t like mussels. They changed my mind.

Before heading to the Chinese Lantern Festival, we dropped off one of our friends who wasn’t feeling well. I felt sorry he couldn’t make it. I also felt sorry for the friend who went with me, because it was his second time going to the festival. I had wanted to go for the past two years, but it never fit my schedule. I’m glad I got the chance. I would like to go again with family.

Late night snack at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and in the morning breakfast at Pete’s Café, which reminds me of Boston for some reason. My friend and I were the only Asians …or even minorities? I ordered something I never had before, beef hash. It was good, but very oily and salty near the end. Good thing I had eggs and orange juice to alleviate.

Can’t go to Dallas without visiting a Korean spa, this would be my second time going. If you’re interested in reading about my first experience or the ins/outs of a Korean spa, click here for the post I wrote. This time the group was me and three of my guy friends, for the lather of time there, I was left to myself. I’m cool with that, they needed their guy bonding time and I made a friend with an ahjumma.

Last stop was at Koryo Kalbi Korean BBQ for dinner before going back home. I think the entrée was called Hamburger Steak, but I’m not too sure. It was yummy; definitely want to go back again.

Thank you Arnell & Barry (for also organizing the schedule) for driving.