A review on the Kate Spade Saturday Small Weekender Bag in Atmosphere

I was browsing on Saturday.com and fell in love with the weekender, mainly in love with the shoe compartment. How convenient!! I tried to find blog reviews and real user photos, but only found one. Based on that blogger’s review, I opted on the small instead of the regular size. The regular size looked humongous.

My bag came in all nicely packaged just as expected like Kate Spade New York, except with the Saturday flare. [Just an FYI: Jack Spade items are not packaged as well or nicely for some reason. But that was a few years ago, maybe they have upped their game since then?]

• Height: 14.75”
• Width: 14.75”
• Depth: 7”
• Handle drop: 6.75”
• 55.25” removable adjustable shoulder strap

Pros: Sturdy, thick material and seemed to be made well. It has some weight to it too, but this may be a “cons” to some.

Cons: There is no structure. You would literally need to fill the bag up to maintain its shape, having said that it’s not hard to fill it up, because it’s small. The disappointing part of the bag was getting tricked that the shoe compartment has a structured bottom and sides to keep its shape. It turned out cardboard was placed on the sides for shipping purposes.

How much stuff can you fit there?
I tried to replicate what I had packed on my last trip…

• (1) shorts
• (1) set of pjs
• (1) pants
• (1) t-shirt
• (2) underwear
• (1) bra
• (2) socks
• (1) shoes

What I think?
The bag was too small; I couldn’t pack everything I did on my last weekend trip. I had to leave out my towel and toiletries (+ makeup). This bag would be perfect for those who have minimal toiletries and spending one night at a hotel, where they provide towels.

I’m still contemplating if I should keep it, but leaning more towards returning. I just found out that we have a Kate Spade Saturday store located in Rice Village, perhaps I’ll stop by this weekend and check out the regular size to finalize my decision.