This New Year’s Eve I had thought of having a more festive celebration, but given I’m still recuperating and the cold weather making me apprehensive, it’s probably best I stay indoors. Though I’m celebrating quietly with Mr. Dog, I decided to add a twist by doing something out of the norm; candy & liquor.

A trip to World Market to try out Bon Bons and Spec for Staropramen, the only beer that I claimed I liked. I got to see some fireworks, while out getting these items. I had also wanted to get colored candles, but could not find what I was looking for. So here I am, a plate of candy and a plastic cup…I’m not crazy for either one. I don’t find the Bon Bons addicting and starting to regret buying two bags. As for Staropramen, it is not what I had remembered. Perhaps it wasn’t Staropramen that I liked, but Czechbar?? Oh well, to the new year!

My New Year Resolutions…
– Get Flu Shot
– Cut down on clutter and downsize/think minimal
– Do more creativity
– Enjoy life, smile
– Start writing emails to family again
– Stay in touch with my youngest brother
– More adventures!

– Eat more red meat!!

Happy New Year everyone! Have fun and be safe!!!