Prior to the holidays, I had jokingly commented to my coworkers something about hibernating and waking up after Christmas. Who knew it would actually happen? Aside from Christmas movie marathon and small stack of presents laid neatly wrapped on my floor, there was nothing remotely Christmas in the apartment. We didn’t have a tree or decor. I did have the fake fireplace provided by Netflix playing in the background, until sometime later the Christmas tunes stopped playing. I also have a daily reminder to check out the newest free gift from 12 Days of Gifts on the App Store on iTunes. (If you haven’t heard about it, it’s an app that features free downloads for 12 days after Christmas. I haven’t downloaded a single thing so far).


I was down to two cans of soup and practically finished all the food my parents had brought over. After a week of staying in, I had to venture out to get a few things from the groceries. I will be going back to work tomorrow and wanted some deli meat and cheese to make easy lunches for this coming week. I don’t feel up to cooking yet.

It was odd at first to be driving and even said to myself, “Do you remember how?” Of course, I do! I don’t know why but, I pictured myself like a baby fawn just born and stretching out it’s limbs. Yes, I have silly thoughts like these (>_<). At the store it was peculiar to see all the Christmas holiday stuff marked 50-75% off, and the once nicely decorated aisles was almost a bared skeleton. Staff members huddling in a large circle with clip boards, talks of executing the next visuals. Boxes and boxes of half-opened Valentine stuff to be put up. I have indeed slept through Christmas and woke up on the other side.

Next door to the store is a Bath & Body Works, I have a biannual tradition to shop there after Christmas when their Big Semi-Annual Sale begins. Three Christmases ago, I was given a 3-wick candle from Bath & Body Works in the scent called Lily something (they change their fragrances every year). I loved how my living and dining room smelled after burning the candle for a few hours. So since then, it’s been my tradition to buy three 3-wick candles and usually in a warm homey fragrance. Two years ago I chose Vanilla Shortbread. I’m now down to less than half of a jar, so it was time to shop. This time I chose to go with a clean scent and decided on Lemon Mint Leaf. I only bought two this time and also picked up Wallflowers (their plug-ins). I’m iffy on the Wallflowers, because plug-ins mostly comes out really strong. Even if it’s a scent I like, I can get severe headaches or get sick from it. I will try with caution.

I hope everybody had a nice holiday. Stay warm and get lots of Vitamin C!!!