Aren’t these hourglass armless chairs gorgeous?! I saw them on a Thursday. Snapped and sent pics to sis, she approved. Brought mom on Saturday to test drive, she approved. On Monday, finally have a car big enough to fit, but they were gone. I knew they would go quick (pretty good pricing, especially for the textile design). I should have asked if I could put it on hold or purchase it and placed in the back. Lesson learned.


Some accessories I’ve seen over the course of two weeks. [From Top Left to Right]

  • Accent/Side tables, can be used as a nightstand if you don’t need a drawer to stash things away.
  • Pillow from Anthropologie, this alone cost as much as those two accent tables put together! What?! Are those polka dots made of real gold? Crazy!!!
  • Heels on canvas.
  • I’ve been looking for mother of pearl photo frame (inlaid pearl photo frame). This one is perfect and great price for the size. The problem is the size, too big.


Interior design book I was flipping through at Anthropologie. I don’t recall if it was called Creative Spaces or Making A House Your Home: The Essential Guide to Modern Day Homemaking. I like the contrast on this workspace and propping the poster and black & white photo on the desk.


I know this isn’t an interior design decor (it could be). Although I like some Hello Kitty items it’s just I’m too old for it, but these suitcases and travel case isn’t that kiddish. Still, I couldn’t come up with any logical usage or anything that could justify purchasing it.