From October when all the Halloween stuff were stocked in stores, so are the Fall items. Almost every blog I read and every grocery ad I saw, there was pomegranate. I like pomegranate juice and I believe I had the fruit (seeds) once back in 9th grade, but I could not recall the taste or texture.

I discovered my love for kabocha, Japanese pumpkin or squash, at a hot-pot restaurant earlier this year. Since its Fall, it would be the best time to eat pumpkin. I thought of ideas of what to make that would consist of pomegranate and kabocha and this is the menu I came up with; Kabocha Miso Soup & Pomegranate Salad.

I made the Kabocha Miso Soup using the red miso base, a little bit of chicken broth, a little bit of soy sauce, cubed kabocha with skin, seaweed, firm tofu and sautéed mushrooms with white onion. The salad was mixed greens with pomegranate and shredded Italian cheese (left over from lasagna, couldn’t think of what else to do with it). It came out pretty good. I gave some soup to my mom and she approved and said it was delicious (Yah, I succeeded!). Now she’s making soup with kabocha.