Two Saturdays ago, while out running errands with my mom, I took her to a record warehouse. It was my first time at Bob Richerson’s and looking for the place made my mom nervous, because we were among a small cluster of worn down looking warehouses out of nowhere. She commented that if I had went alone without her, to not step one foot out of this car. After circling around the buildings twice, I pulled my car over and rolled the window down to ask someone where the vinyl store was at.

I parked, we got out of the car and headed towards the door. The doormat says, “Welcome to the Music,” we were at the right place. Inside the front room was floor length mirrored walls with memorabilia and a small mixed group was standing around conversing. The whole room pretty dark and I gave my mom a nervous glance, wondering what she thinks. Through another door is where record heaven was at; much brighter, the air smelled of fresh popcorn (being made) and wall to wall, ceiling to floor full of vinyls. My mom warmed up a lot more when she saw there were more people inside and they were polite.

I could easily spend hours there, digging and shifting through Bob’s collection. But I didn’t want my mom to get bored. She didn’t seem like it while thumbing through a Madonna’s collection and subtly suggest I pick up one. I would but it’ll have to be next time, because I didn’t know how much the ones I had already pulled out was. Up front, Bob will thumb through your picks and on occasion check the quality of the vinyl. He calls the price out for each and gives you the total. You can bargain with him on the price and once agreed, you then pay the lady at the table (cash only). He named his price for my vinyl picks and I deemed it fair. After paying for my purchase the lady at the table asked me if I’ve been to this concert before. She hands me a flier that I did not recognize. I said no, so on the back she writes a short note, signed it and hands it back to me. “Here you go sweetheart. Show them this and you’ll get in free.”

I’ll definitely be going back, there’s more music to discover. I just have to remember, he only opens the first Saturday of each month.