This is not how I had wanted to see you again, it has a been a long time hasn’t it? I had tried to remember when the last time we met. Was it at First Colony Mall? That was several years ago. I forgot as I get older that everyone else is aging too. I’m sorry I did not come to see you sooner Sensei, I did not know.

A few of us came to visit and standing there I could not really speak. But I think you knew what I wanted to say, you always seemed to have known somehow.

Sensei, you are the second teacher to ever touch my heart. The kindness and care you gave to all your students, made you one of the best teachers anyone could ever have. You were like a grandmother figure to me as my own grandmothers were overseas. Aside from having you as a teacher, you also gave me one of my most cherished gifts ever; Friendship. From your classes, I have made so many friends and they have become long-lasting friendships.

I will never forget…
-CiCi’s Pizza & Cafe East
-Pom Poko
-Don’t touch my moustache (どう致しまして。)
-The Japanese rapping learning tapes.
-Honda/田/rice field
-に/Ni/Looks like a knee.
-Your expression when you spoke fondly of your sons.
-折り紙 (Paper cranes, turtles & butterflies)
-Making kites
-Your laughter
-Onomatopoeic Expressions/ドキドキ/ケロケロ
-5th place in Japan Bowl
-First time to Japanese restaurant
-The way you cried when you were so upset, because you felt that you had let your students down. (You never could have failed us Sensei, it’s more like the other way around.)