Bedroom - Draft IV

Prior to moving, I was looking at furniture and ideas for my bedroom. That kept me in better spirits deflecting all thoughts of why I was moving and everything attached with it. Thanks to Polyvore, it was easier for me to plan what I wanted and gave me an over view of all the pieces. I’ll spare you the several drafts I made and just show you the one I ended up choosing.

Second Seating

I have enough room to put in second seating, however I have the space now but might not in the future. So originally I was thinking of accent chairs such as the hour-glass one above, but I think an ottoman would be a smarter choice. I really like the Moroccan pouf, but I just can’t justify the cost of one of those babies. They’re $110+, I’ve even seen one for sale at $179 (Crazy! I know).

Resting Arm Floor Lamps

Instead of accent chairs and ottomans, what I really need is a lamp to read in bed. I have a desk lamp, but it’s not bright enough. I’ve been eyeing the Ikea Barometer floor lamp (third one from the left) ever since I saw it in their catalogue. At $50, I put it as my last priority of things I needed for my room and was going to search for cheaper alternatives. But after poking around, $50 seems to be the best deal I can get. Hmm, still debating =P