Celebrating mine and my nephew’s birthday at The Parent’s. It was one of those rare occasions that my stepfather was off from work and he wanted to make a feast for us. *Drool* It was also fun watching my parents banter on how to cook this or that and making comments like I make it really good (while thinking better than you).

I would love to put together, Iron Chef Parent’s Kitchen. Watch them battle it out on skill, taste and presentation. The judges of course will be us (“the kids” – Parent’s still regard us as children, most of us…old children) and the grandkids. What should the secret ingredient be?


  • Birthday present from my mom; Haha very cute mom!
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Confetti Vanilla Cupcake


In the evening, my brother and I went to see Wicked the musical for the second time with my friends. Its still my top favorite musical.