I picked these polishes up on 4th of July, while taking my mother grocery shopping. I asked her if she wanted any and she said no, she has plenty. But then she said most of the colors she has (that I have supposedly given her) are all pink. Then she pointed to her toes and stated this is the only non-pink color she has; pastel lavender, which looked great on her by-the-way.

In my mind I was thinking, that’s because you refused to wear any other color. Aside from pink, mom had deemed all other colors way too modern and red was too bold. I asked her once more if she was sure she didn’t want to pick out some new colors, because it was really cheap and it’s not often we shopped there. Well she caved in and chose two bottles. Guess what? They were pink -__-;

LOL, she’s too funny. Love my mom ❤

  • Kleancolor – Sheer Red
  • Kleancolor – Funky Yellow
  • Kleancolor – Grande Finale
  • OPI – Top Coat