Fit & Flare - Work
Fit & Flare - Outdoor Event
Fit & Flare - Formal


I had forgotten to post this, but about a month ago I’ve bought a couple of dresses from New York & Co. Two of which is their Fit & Flare Sleeveless Cotton dresses, similar to the pictures above but minus the cutouts and high neckline. The color and silhouette of the pictured dress is very close to mine.

I put together ideas for outfits; work, outdoor event (I’m thinking concert), and formal or night out. In reality, the outfit below is closest to what I would wear to work…

Fit & Flare - Reality


I’m really loving the style of these LANVIN Patent Leather Moccasins and lately digging the gold color. Get it? Digging, gold…gold digger…but that’s not me.

Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx – Gold Digger