If you have notice that I haven’t been posting chronologically like I have done in the past, then you are correct. I probably should go back to doing that or post as the event is occurring (which is not my style). I would like to look back and say “Ah, so that’s what I did that day” but with these past couple of posts it’ll be hazy…it would be “around that time”.

Come Pley With Yelp: Superhero & Villain happened on June 7th. It was an RSVP event held at the Children’s Museum with a suggested $10 donation to the museum. Around 700+ attended and Yelp raised $4400 in donations, although what this money is going towards specifically, I have not a clue. Then again I’ve noticed several of the museums in Houston are creating social events (all serving alcohol) such as mixers, happy hour and dance parties. Even our local Ikea is taking part in this. I’m not complaining, it’s an observation. I’m all for more things happening in Houston. Anyhow there is a definite revamp marketing present. I smell fresh blood.