Going to a Drive-In Theater is on my bucket list. I had always wanted to go to one and I don’t count those inflatable screens. Though it does it’s purpose, but it’s just not the same. I didn’t know if we had one close by Houston or even in Texas at all. One day while I was looking through Groupon, I come upon Showboat Drive-In.

They are open at 6PM, Friday through Sunday. You pay at the window and tickets are for double feature. Drive in, park and pull up on the ramp, (that would put your car at an angle and better viewing) then tune your radio to the designated FM station. We brought candies, although no outside food or drink are allowed as they have a snack bar. However all of us did purchase drinks, popcorn and one of my friends bought burger & fries. We felt the pricing for snacks and food was fair, especially for food that is better than your typical movie theater food. My only complaint is that other customers did not conduct the common courtesy to park their SUVs and pick-up trucks in the back two rows as stated on Showboat’s website. Overall I really enjoyed it and would definitely go back.

Here’s a little Texas history that I found:
The third drive-in theater opened in the U.S. was in Galveston, Texas in 1934. The first two were in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. By the late 50’s Texas had roughly 400 drive-in theaters.

Other thoughts:
If I go on road trip to Dallas/Fort Worth or passing by, I would definitely want to stop by Galaxy Drive-In. They have the metal speakers that you hang in the car window from back in the days!!

It would be awesome if a drive-in theater played Grease and Grease II on-screen and encourage customers to drive-in in 50’s attire. Then breaking out in song and dance would be asking for a little too much huh?

Movies I’m looking forward to this summer: The Great Gatsby, Now You See Me, The Kings of Summer and Monsters University.