Oversize Barrettes on the Side


Romantic Barrettes

I notice a trend on Korean dramas, might not be a new trend since it was aired 2010, 2011 & 2012; large or oversize barrettes placed on the side. As seen on Lee Si-Young on Becoming a Billionaire and Lee Yo-won on 49 Days. It’s very easy, which is great for me cause I rather get extra sleep then do something with my hair in the morning before heading to work. So it would be a notch up from plain jane. I think I have a couple of barrettes in my box of hair accessories, but this would make the perfect excuse to pick up new ones. I believe I only have dark colors and it’s summer! Need some bright colors!

I have a question and would like to get some feedback please. At what age do you think girls should stop wearing bows (especially on the side)? I have these cute teal fabric & lace bows, but feel that it’s too juvenile to wear them on the side. They’re clamps, so there isn’t any other positions you can wear them. To me, you can still get away with it in your late 20’s, but once you hit 30 it seems we’re too old for it. This also depends on the material and construction of the bow too.