1. The French House

2. Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup – The French House; Will come back to eat just this.

3. Wallpaper – The French House

4. Breakfast Croissant (Scrambled Eggs, tomato slices, lettuce, cheese & bacon) – The French House; Not bad, but nothing special. I don’t think they bake fresh croissant. They do however make freshly squeezed OJ.

5. Farmers MKT (Kefalograviera cheese, spinach, red peppers, roasted shallots & garlic topped with green onions, roasted pears & apples) – MKT Bar

6. Pomegranate Rosehip Tea – MKT Bar

7. Za’atar Shoestring Fries (Za’atar dusted, hand-cut fries with lemon zest, spicy Moroccan ketchup & garlic sauce for dipping) – MKT Bar

8. Chicken Pilaf & Lentil Soup – Arpi’s Deli

9. Beef Ravioli (Mushroom Marinara) – George’s Pastaria

10. Cake Batter Yogurt (Mangos, Butterfinger pieces, Sour Gummy Worms & Almond slices) – TCBY; Last time I was here was back when they served ice cream. Never Again.

11. Baja Shrimp (Hand-battered fried shrimp with queso fresco) & Street Corn – Torchy’s Tacos; I asked to hold the jalapeno & cilantro and they decided not to give me any veggies at all =(

12. Goro & Gun

13. Mascot – Goro & Gun

14. Vegetable Ramen – Goro & Gun; A friend gave me his egg. Might come back to try something else as the ramen is mediocre. Took a sip of Boyfriend’s Cookie Monster cocktail (rum, cookie milk, angostura bitter) that was better than the meal and I’m not a drinker.

15. Live band performance – MKT Bar

16. Heaven – MKT Bar


17. Vegetarian Dumplings, Pan fried Taro Cake & Hand-cut fries – My parent’s^^

18. Keroppi Biscuits

19. Chicken Cup Cover – FIT; I’ve been waiting since Nov. 2012 for them to restock the Panda Cup Cover, but the chicken one made me smile.

20. Kid’s Meal (Chicken Bites, Mac ‘n Cheese & Apple Sauce) – KFC

21. I AM EMPEROR (although it looks more like the Chinese Empress’s headpiece) – KFC’S Apple Sauce cap on top of Chicken Cup Cover.

22. Vanilla & Sprinkle covered Oreo – Tech Depot; Goodies from work.

23. Philidelphia Roll, Tuna Roll & Vegetable Tempura – Koto Sushi

24. Yogurt Cup (Granola, Strawberries & Blueberries) – I don’t remember from where.

25. Peppered Turkey Sandwich (Laughing Cow Cheese & grapes) and Strawberries – Packed bento

26. ❤ shaped strawberry!!

27. Cute Japanese candy wrappers.

28. Asian Salad – Chick-fil-A

29. Agedashi Tofu – Matsu Sushi Bar

30. Matsu Sushi Bar; I forgot the name of this roll, but it was de–wait for it…licious!

31. Philadelphia Roll & Rock ‘n Roll – Matsu Sushi Bar

32. Fried Ice Cream (Green Tea flavor) – Matsu Sushi Bar


33. Roma’s Pizza; Very soggy pizza, only going back if desperately hungry or order something else.

34. Flipanada & Flip ‘n Fries – Flip ‘n Patties; YUM! Nom Nom Nom.

35. Showboat Drive In

36. Large Popcorn & Root Beer – Showboat Drive In

37. Kobacha – My new favorite vegetable!

38. Vietnamese Meatball Sandwich – Parisian Bakery

39. Spaghetti w/Sausage (Spinach, Mushrooms) & Mangos – Packed bento

40. Pho Basil

41. Eggrolls – Pho Basil; I don’t know why I have to try eggrolls from everywhere, when none can compare to my mom’s. Her’s is the best^^

42. Shave Ice (Strawberry Ice Cream, strawberries, mangos & honeydew) – Juice Box

43. Hello Kitty Biscuits (Strawberry flavor)

44. The OG (marinated beef short ribs, french fries, caramelized kimchi, sesame oil vinaigrette and garlic spread) – Coreanos; SO good, but because I don’t handle spicy food too well I paid for it later and my face broke out…somehow I still think it’s worth it — lol.

45. Raspberry & Mango Sorbet Push-Up Pop – Fat Cat Creamery

46. Fried rice w/Chicken and vegetables in white sauce, fried cream puff & oranges – Packed bento

47. Fettucine Alfredo & Popcorn shrimp – Packed bento

48. Tamago Nigiri – Matsu Sushi Bar