Yes, I know I’m too old to be acting like one of those fan-girls in a groupie. I don’t know if this will justify, but I was never a fan-girl or groupie back during my teenage years. So please forgive this ahjumma for participating now.

I can’t remember when I saw that G-Dragon of Big Bang had an official account with LINE. I didn’t add his account until I read an article that he was going to release a new song, Michi GO via LINE with purchase of his GD special stickers (Of course there was going to be a catch). Out of curiosity and also anticipating the new song, I added G-Dragon.

Would I pay for the stickers to get the new song? I don’t know and don’t have the option to do so.

Around midnight, G-Dragon had texted or his PR had texted using his GD special stickers. I can’t find anywhere in the app to purchase the stickers. So I’m wondering was anyone (referring to only the U.S. accounts) able to purchase the stickers? And if you did, how much was it? And did you get the song after posting the sticker up on G-Dragon’s account?

[UPDATE: Tap on the GD Special Sticker he sent you and it will transfer you to the GD Sticker Shop. You can view, but will not be able to purchase or send as gift. It is currently only available for Korea, Japan and Thailand. If you have a friend from any of those countries, perhaps they can send it to you as a gift?]


Cute LINE advertisement for GD Special Sticker