I won 4 prescreening tickets to see The Croods on March 16th. I got there half hour before the movie theater opens and there was already a long line. By the time my friends and I got situated, the concession stand was sold out of hotdogs. Grumbling tummies we all were except one.


Usually 3D movies gives me a headache and I try to stray away, but luckily no headache this time. I’m not going to spoil the movie, but I do want to say this was an easy movie to connect with and enjoyable. I think it was touching & cute and would recommend people to go watch it.

The Croods – Official Trailer 2


Monsters University (Prequel to Monsters, Inc.)

Cool, I didn’t know Disney PIXAR was making a prequel. A prequel in itself is awesome as most Disney movies usually followed by a sequel. I have high hopes as it is PIXAR, they seem to be doing well on breaking the mold on part twos being likable or even better than part ones. It’s in theaters June 21, 2013. Can’t wait!!

Check out the official website, it looks like an authentic university homepage: monstersuniversity.com

Monsters University – Official Teaser 1