At House of Blues in the Bronze Peacock Room, my first time in that room. It’s smaller but more intimate (closer to the stage!!).

American Authors
They’re based in Brooklyn, New York. Matt Sanchez, drummer, is from San Antonio. Sorry have to holla for anyone from Texas — which I seem to be doing lately. Although the initial reason for attending this show was to see Royal Teeth, I was looking forward to American Authors. Just because I’ve been Royal Teeth performed last year at A Night Out at Market Square.

I was hoping they would have CDs, even though on their webpage it showed only iTunes. After the concert Dave Rublin, bassist, did tell us that they were coming out with an album. Maybe I’ll send Cactus Music a tweet and suggest to invite American Authors down when the album happens.


I can’t find their website. When I google I get a bunch of other groups by the same name. They performed after American Authors and they knew each other from college. Aside from a song or two, I just couldn’t really get into their music.


Royal Teeth
From Louisiana, each band member is from a different city. I told my coworker about Royal Teeth and she looked them up, found an article and commented who she knew from all the different locations of Louisiana. Their performance was full of energy as usual and you can feel the music literally! Gary actually broke a or pair of drumsticks! I’m also looking forward to their next release. We were lucky we got to hear some of their new songs.