The Boyfriend and I stayed at one of Austin’s historical hotels, The Driskill (supposedly haunted). They offer free tours for guest and $20 for the public. We weren’t able to fit the tour in our schedule, but definitely will the next time we stay here. The hotel is amazingly gorgeous, I just love all the little details.

*Le sigh* I miss the bed and room, so comfy. It still took me awhile before I fell asleep, that happens when it’s not my own bed no matter how lovely it is.


Met up with friends for dinner at Cho Sushi, one of them was actually working. *Drools* So delicious!!! I would name the rolls we had, but I can’t remember except it was yummy in my tummy. I was so full I couldn’t eat dessert, but then I did.

After dinner the Boyfriend and I walked around the infamous 6th street. We went inside Lucky Lizard Curios & Gifts, they actually have some cute things there. I was debating over two items, but then I saw this vinyl toy of a monster telling The Little Red Riding Hood story using puppets and it instantly won me over.

The next morning we watched a parade from our hotel room. They weren’t kidding when they said there’s always something going on in Austin. Then we checked out, had dim sum with a friend at Shanghai Restaurant and headed to Staple: The Independent Media Expo (the main reason we were in Austin — aside from Boyfriend’s meetings w/clients) .

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Aren’t my friends’ dogs cute? Yes they are, especially while playing with bubbles^^
Now I need to get a fishing pole toy and bubbles for my own Mr. Dog.


This year’s Staple, I picked up Liz Prince’s Delayed Replays. It’s too bad she wasn’t there, I would had liked to pick up her I Swallowed the Key to My Heart series. I also bought one of the Bad Kitties by Amanda Michael Design. I’m not a fan of cats, but it was cute and inexpensive. Bad Kitty really is bad, she kept interfering when I tried to take pictures.

Austin! You’re only 2.5 hours away from Houston, yet you’re different enough that I felt like I was in another state.
I shall see you again!
…Do we have a Texan way of saying good-bye?