The Tontons

Native Houstonians^^
The first time I heard The Tontons was at the Sugarhill Recording Studio party on a large screen on the side of a truck. Their album Golden was recorded there.

Don’t you just love Asli’s hair?


The Revelers

Came in from Louisiana
I wasn’t sure if I would like their music when I listened to snippets to get a feel of their sound. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it after hearing their live performance. They’re music is a mixture of Cajun, Country, Zydeco and 50’s flair. I picture myself listening to this while cooking or some kind of seafood/BBQ event.


LYS (pronounce lis)

Flew from France
They were awesome, however sadly they didn’t have cds or any merchandise for sale. But The Boyfriend and I chatted and took some pictures with them at the after party at MKT Bar.


Did I forgot to say this was a free concert?
Thank you French Cultures Festival for a fun night!

Tontons & LYS will be at SXSW this year if anybody is attending and want to see them.