Lunar New Year celebration at the Chinese Community Center.
[Fr. Left to Right]

  • Year of the Snake greeter
  • Chinese Fortune Cookie
  • I won a set of cosmetic bags from a number drawing.
  • Charm from my 2013 Fortune bag.
  • Flier
  • One of the performance group (Didn’t catch their name).


Sister’s Dim Sum Birthday @ Golden Dim Sum

  • Fried Bitter Melon – Never had this before, it’s slightly crispy, chewy, sweet and subtle bitterness (eating while hot). Not sure how it taste cold.


My mom chose this color case for me, never saw that coming. I really like it ❤


I tell The Boyfriend all the time, that they need to make a bag of Cheetos with both Crunchy & Puffy. Finally!!! Close enough, I’m happy. Hopefully it stays, if not I better stock up.


Cousin’s Birthday Dinner @ Benjy’s

  • Crunchy Chicken


Toy Story 3 Alien Fishing Game @ Teahouse101

So much fun playing this Toy Story version of Let’s Go Fishin with my sister, while waiting for our drinks. I kinda want to get one.


2nd Annual Bento Contest @ HEB presented by JASH & The Consulate-General of Japan
[Bottom Left to Right]

  • First Place Winner’s bento.
  • We learned to make onigiri. These are my three with hotdog cut out shaped crab. Every since then I’ve been craving for onigiri. *drools*


The weather is still cold and I’m falling back in love with one of my favorite teas, Egyptian Licorice. It makes me warm and happy^^