I had a good start on blogging this year; it was one of my New Year’s resolution to not fall behind as I had last year. Then I went on blogging hiatus.

My father passed away a few days after my latest entry.
That was a rough week and I still have my moments.
It will take some time.

Its odd, there were somethings I was able to do like go back to work, see my friends, laugh, Instagram and Facebook. What I couldn’t bring myself to do was email my relatives and blogging, which I started to do both today. There’s still things I can’t bring myself to do; donate my father’s things or throw away the rest of the items my sister and I put in the junk pile and filing away all his paperwork. Of my father’s belongings that I’m keeping for myself, I can’t bring myself to wash them.

Writing this entry was difficult.
It may not seem so meticulously personal, but it is very personal.

This is the beginning…
…of waking up.