During lunch I picked up a roll of wrapping paper. Christmas had wiped me clean, including the roll of yellow I used for any occasion. I chose a paper bag brown background with red balloons all over. It reminded me of DIY project from the Brownie Girl Scout Handbook (1986); you carved a pattern out of half a potato and using an ink pad or paint, you stamped all over a paper bag. I might try that one day (minus the potato). I just don’t believe in spending on wrapping paper. It’s such a waste. Hence is why I chose patterns that can be used for more than one occasion or non-gender conformed colors. Actually I take that back, if all I have is pink wrapping paper then guy or girl you bet your gift will be wrapped in that pink paper. Does it really matter? You’re going to chuck it anyway.

The only time I feel it might be necessary to coordinate the wrapping paper to the occasion would be wedding gifts: unless the happy couple are environmentalists, DIYers or likes to recycle. Ok even after saying that, Happy Couples don’t be surprise if you see a flaming flamingo among your sea of whites and creams on the gifts table. Hey at least you know who it’s from if the card gets misplaced, especially when you make that name list for “Thank You” cards. See I save people time.

(Urban Outfitters Holiday Catalog 2012 – used for a friend who loves to shop there)

There has been a few times where I wrapped my friend’s present in magazines, advertisements and catalogues. I don’t think I’ve ever used newspaper (Ughh ink smudges — I have standards). When I do use one of the above I don’t just roll the gift in it, slap tape and call it a day. Sometimes I wished I did, but again standards. No, no, I flip through and chose the pages. Then I strategically wrap and place a bow. If I don’t have a bow, I fashion one out of the same material. Some people think that’s cheap. I don’t know, I think it’s thrifty and I do a pretty decent job of it.

Nena – 99 Red Balloons