Yvonne and I went to the Boo Bomb 3 Concert~!!! On our way to House of Blues, we were guessing the order of the line up. Boy, I was totally wrong. Opening was the Wonder Girls ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ They were the reason I was going. I was peeved at myself for missing when they were here two years ago with 2PM.

Well we got there a little late –my driving(−_−;) — and missed 1 or 2 songs.

Sammy Adams
I didn’t know half of the line up, coincidentally they were all male artists. His music wasn’t really my cup of tea, but the crowd loved him. I thought this picture looked cool, makes me think of Walking Dead (zombies).

Marina & the Diamonds, except it was just Marina & acoustic guitar and keyboard. Her songs still sound great with just those instruments.

Olly Murs
The second male artist that I didn’t know, but I can dig his music.

Following Olly was Austin Mahone. By now the crowd pushed and squeezed together to get closer to the stage. I forgot to mention this concert was full of what seemed to be middle schoolers. And the girls went crazy for him. They’ve been chanting his name in between performance hoping he was next. A guy at the concert told us that apparently this Austin Mahone is the next Bieber. Yeah I agree he had back up dancers in high school lettermen jackets, he was wearing one too with a hoodie underneath. No offense to him or Justin Bieber, their music isn’t bad just not my thing.

Most of the teeny boppers left, so Yvonne and I were able to get closer to the stage. That Amy can rap fast!

Overall the concert was great and we were both satisfied. My only disappointment is aside from Sammy Adams and Austin Mahone there wasn’t any merchandise from the other performers. Also the the two who did, they didn’t have CDs for sale. It was T- shirts, wristbands and posters.

[Note: Car Manuals & Baby Raccoons (*^^*)]

Wonder Girls – Be My Baby (Korean Version – I like it better than the English Version).

Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight