Meals other than soup still makes my stomach feel queasy, except for the lobster I had last evening. Went to Brunch Kafe for lunch; Grits, bacon, hash brown and cup of Green Tea. I tried to make a face with ketchup, but had put too much. I almost didn’t finish my food. I brought home the Green Tea untouched.

I had wanted to go watch “Perks of being a Wallflower” today; finished the book a day or two ago. But I think I better take it easy, have a concert to look forward to on Tuesday ^^

So instead I’m updating my wish list as requested by my sister. She’s going to start her holiday gift shopping. There’s a wish list contest going on, where you could win $2500 for items on your list. That’s why my list is all beefed up, of course not expecting my sister (or anyone) to get any of those items. I can’t think of stuff I really want, so I’m going to add some k-pop albums I would like to get and drama series.

I’m debating between Exo-K and Exo-M versions. A boy band of 12, but split into 2 groups. Exo-K does the Korean versions, while Exo-M does the Chinese (Mandarin) version. They promote simultaneously. Exo-M was here in the states recently at the very first K-Con in Cali. I wish I was able to go. Ticket prices was relatively cheap and you can get autographs as long as you purchase the items from them. The merchandise wasn’t marked up at crazy prices either. I’m hoping I can make it next year, but I wouldn’t be surprise if they decide to ticket everything or set a limit.

So which group would you go for?