Henry + the Invisibles (a one man band)

Met up with Ryan, Jill and Yvonne.


Ryan and the Boyfriend tried it. Boyfriend said the sauce was spicy and Ryan said the chips.


Chocolates by Annie Rupani of Cacao & Cardamom. It was delicious and beautiful.

I also tried Cayenne Caramel by Jonathan Parker of Brittle Breakers. It was the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. I think I need to look them up and get more.



Stephanie of Bakecake
I tried the Lavendar flavor. It tasted great, but more on the dry side. It was a mini-cupcake in a little cup, couldn’t figure how to get it out without getting my fingers sticky. So I did it like a shot and peeled off the wrapper. Yeah it was not ladylike and nowhere near graceful. Thank goodness there isn’t any pictures!


I forgot the name of this restaurant, it begins with an “M”. They served churros with choice of dark chocolate or caramel dip sauce.


I forgot the name of this place as well. They had a special for the event; Two hamburger sliders and beer for $5.

Yvonne and Jill pretended to steal my food.


My first time eating Grey Poupon^^
I had two sips of the beer… ughhh. Yep, it sat there rest of the time.



I have their business card somewhere, but anyhow they’re going to open in January 2013. Their empanadas were Yummy!! And they had sample of two drinks that I actually finished, because it was delicious! Will definitely go when they open. We also ran into my cousin and her friends.


Ryan and Jill found this awesome art car called the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir. It’s behind the rooster car. STC has 250 animated singing fish and lobsters all synchronized to sing opera and more.


Royal Teeth, the band I was anticipating to see tonight. They were awesome!!

Royal Teeth – Wild