The Boyfriend and I went to Epicure Cafe for dinner. I had the Pesto Pasta. The chicken was dry but the pasta was so satisfying that I decided to finish my entree and skip out dessert. I had wanted a slice of Strawberry Napoleon.

Afterwards we went across the street to Barnes and Noble. There was a sign in the lobby that Kendra Wilkinson was signing books at 7PM. That was over an hour ago, but Boyfriend saw a line upstairs so that meant she was still here.


I picked up what I had gone there for, a set of Moleskine notebooks. The bookstore kept Kendra’s books behind the registrars. I asked the cashier what time Kendra was leaving and he replied that she never gave them a cut off time. I went ahead and got her book and stood in the snaked line upstairs. I mean when’s the next time I get to meet anyone closest to a Playboy Playmate? I did watch most of “The Girls Next Door” when it was Holly, Bridget and Kendra. Also watched a couple of episodes of Kendra’s own spin-off show.

We were there up till past closing time, luckily Kendra was nice enough to stay late and signed everyone’s books. She also spoke with each person if not made small talk.

When it was my turn, I shook Kendra’s hand. She asked for my name and we said, “nice to meet you” to one another. We took a picture. I thanked her for staying late and she said, “Of course, not a problem.” She told me Hank is arriving later, I said “Really? That’s great!” Kendra finished signing my copy and handed it to me. I told her, “I wish you and your family the best of luck” and she went “Aww, Thank you.”