Back in June my AC broke while I was at work and my Neon Tetras passed on. My green Glofish was the only one that survived. Yeah, Mr. Dog was a little sad. But a few days later I bought a red Glofish to keep the mean one company.

Today I bought a slightly bigger tank for them. I’ve been having issues with the filter on the old tank. I wanted to get the Fluval Edge, but it just doesn’t make sense to spend that much right now. Well this new aquarium is made especially for glofish. The hood covers the entire tank except for the small feeding hole and filter dock, which is perfect (less evaporation). It has four LED light settings; now I get to see my fishes glow~!!!

The red and green blur on the left side of the picture are my fishes. Sorry, they are constantly swimming so this is the best I can do.

I still haven’t named them, any suggestions?

Goldfish – 0
Glofish – 2 (Green and Red)
Neon Tetras – 0