I took a Vacation Day from work to run errands. I’ve been out on weekends lately, so my To-Do List is stacked. Honestly what really made my decision of taking time off, is so I dont’ have to rush after work in traffic to Theatre District. I’m going to see The Lion King musical tonight with Yvonne, Adam, and Barry (Yes, I’m starting with first names again. I get so confuse when I go back and read old posts with the initials).

If you remember my post (in June) about my absence in May. I used 4.5/5 Vacation Days helping my parents out. So today is my first REAL Vacation Day. The morning started off as usual: brush teeth, turn on the fish tank, Mr. Dog goes potty, shower, get dressed, etc.

I went through my closet took out clothes I no longer wear, fit, or like. I already had a bag full of clothes I no longer wanted from months ago. I dumped everything out on the ground and went through the old and new making three piles: resale, consignment, and donate. I gave up on the consignment, remembering the last time the owner was extremely rude to me and how I told myself I will never to go back. I really don’t need to get yelled at just for a few bucks.

Loaded up my car and went to Buffalo Exchange. The line for resale was surprisingly long. I didn’t see anything I liked from the store, so I took the cash and went across the street to Taxi and American Apparel. I was looking for long sleeve shirts, uni-scarf, and a black backpack for my upcoming trip. I found a backpack I liked at American Apparel. Actually I’ve been eyeing that for years, but the material is so thin and it doesn’t have a strong structure so stuff you put in would make the backpack droop.

After American Apparel, I drove down the street to Goodwill. The thing I love about thrift stores, resale shops, second-hand shops is the treasure hunting.  I didn’t find anything I was looking for, except a golden brown blazer. But there was loads of great stuff for the house. I found a really nice glass candlestick holder for long tapered candles. I would have bought it if there was a set, cause good luck finding a shorter twin later on. A 6-piece stem shot glass set, I’m kind of regretting that I didn’t pick that up or at least take a picture of it. However, I did impulse buy Buddha’s head (Go Figure~!). I didn’t think I be one to decorate my house with religious figures, but an array of home decor blog pictures flooded my mind. Also I think it looks nice on a white bookcase. The cashier and a customer commented, “Great Find” on my purchase.


I was pretty hungry with no breakfast or lunch, so made a quick stop at Three Brothers Bakery and got a Hamantaschen Poppyseed & Mexican Wedding Cookie.


I didn’t donate what Buffalo Exchange didn’t take to Goodwill. I have a favorite church resale shop that I make my donations to.

Check out this awesome Green Velvet Couch~! Look at the feet~!!!


The green upholstery and claw feet, makes me think of a dragon. This couch is just gorgeous.





These espresso cups were adorable. There was this lady, who obviously took time looking down the aisle and she’s at the end. I’m close to the end when I saw these cups, and I whipped out my phone and started to take pictures. I picked up a few to examine. I saw the lady peeking at me to see what I was in “awe” of. Later at the checkout line the same lady bought all those cups ^^


Oriental Ceramic Lady Lamp Stand
Sorry the picture is so blurry. This lamp stand was on the highest shelf and all the way back, my fingers barely reached it when I was turning it around to see the front.



Vintage Mid-century Wurlitzer Jukebox
It still works~!!! Here’s what this jukebox would look like on.


After all the resale shops, I went to Ulta to pick up shampoo & conditioner. Then headed home and got ready for the musical. The Boyfriend dropped me off at Adam’s. I rode with Adam & Yvonne to TUTS. We met up with Barry at the lobby.

The Lion King musical was awesome~! The costumes were amazing~!! It was very well thought out, up to even the silhouettes. At times it reminded me of pop-out books or old cartoon drawing styles.

We ended the night with a late dinner at Cafe Japon.