The Boyfriend went to a Yelp Elites Only Event, while I was dropped off at the Galleria. Actually it’s the other way around, I had the car. I waited for Ada at E-Tao and we had a late lunch there.

This is their Mushroom Egg Drop Soup.


I ordered Bird’s Nest w/Chicken & Shrimp.
The “nest” part was chewy, but everything else was good. I was able to eat the whole thing, since I didn’t eat it with rice or too much of the chewy noodles.

The Boyfriend came back while we started to eat and then we went shopping. Ada and I saw silly hats at Spencer’s, wanted to get one maybe for Halloween? We went to Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters, MAC, Sperry’s, and Coach. I did end up buying a hat, but it was a wide brim straw hat from Urban Outfitters. It was on clearance and on top of that 30% off, so my hat came out $6.




We all went home briefly and met up at Alamo Drafthouse to watch the new Batman movie. I’m sad to find out its a trilogy. I want to see him play Robin~!!

Pictured above are artworks hung at the theater.