For my bday this year I invited some friends to watch roller derby game at Bayou Music Center.
1st Bout: Brawlers v. Spindletop
2nd Bout: Psych Ward Sirens v. Valkyries


After the game we went to Soju Bar.
Boyfriend’s Omurice.



I ❤ kimbap(^∇^)



Always wanted to try makgeolli, since I’ve seen it in Korean drama and variety shows a lot (when in the country side). Makgeolli is referred as Korean rice wine, is made of fermented boiled wheat, rice and water.

None of my friends was to fond of this alcohol. It was ok, not bad but not good. I forgot what I said it tasted like.


My cousin made cupcakes for me^^. It was SO delicious!!! Everyone thought so too. Thank you Kay!!!

I had a great time, thank you everyone who made it out that day!!!