Lunch @ Brunch Kafe
This time I had a bowl of grits, ba…I think the picture is self-explanatory. However, it was too much food. I think next time I have grits I’ll ask for a small bowl or grits and just one side item. I ordered the Mango Green Tea Iced again, but this time no Mango cubes (-__-).


For dinner the Boyfriend and I ended up trying Sushi Choo Choo, a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Originally we were going to this new crepe place with some friends, but no one was available.


I had Seaweed Salad, Lobster Roll, and I can’t remember the other one. It was pretty good.


I’m actually a Red Mango fan, but I couldn’t pass up the limited time Sanrio Theme from Yogurtland (^_^).


Chocolate Milkshake & Caramel Yogurt w/crushed Butter Finger (because they didn’t have crushed up graham crackers), strawberries, and sliced almonds.