I skipped out on attending Brick Fest with friends this morning. Let’s just leave it at  I had two bottles of Apple Vinegar Juice the night before. When Boyfriend woke up close to noon, I had already eaten breakfast but went with him to this new place called Brunch Kafe. Formerly a Chinese restaurant, hence the lion head knockers on the door. I ordered fried mushrooms, a mango green tea iced (it came with real mango cubes –Yum~!!!) and stole Boyfriend’s veggies. He ordered the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes.



The Boyfriend wanted to try this place, Pampa Grill & Market. So we went with friends for dinner. He ordered this meat platter that came with salad & mashed potatoes to share with everyone. I guess I was really in a mango mood today, cause I ordered Mango Licuado.


Afterwards we went to Soju Korean Restaurant. The Boyfriend and I have passed by this place so many times and had been curious. It is definitely a place to go with a group of friends. They serve variety of Korean food, snacks and alcohol. Some very authentic dishes. They have several differ kinds of kimbap~!!! I will have to come here again, as was too full from dinner. I had to start taking imaginary sips of water when we played “I Never” due to fullness.