Dos Equis presents Feast of the Brave @ Boneyard: Dog Park & Drinkery

The Boyfriend and two of my friends wanted to do this challenge. I stayed out of it due to some unknown skin problems. Figured I must be allergic to something. I’ve already seen a medical doctor, and what the M.D. prescribed worked for a while. But then I relapse and the medication didn’t work. I set up an appointment to see a dermatologist. I guess it’s that time of year where everybody is having skin issues, because the earliest appointment is 2 – 2 1/2 weeks.


Mr.AR posing with one of the Dos Equis’ girls for their Facebook page.


I believe this is the Cricket Taco, forgot who I was holding it for.


The Boyfriend and Mr.AJ eating their tacos.


The mystery meat inside the Mystery Taco was a scorpion.


Inside Boneyard


The boys decided to eat all the Feast of the Brave tacos that they could until they were full. They were kind enough to chill at Tacos A Go-Go so I could have lunch. I think The Boyfriend treated them to Jalapeno Margaritas.