A dish of pasta and a side of MAC. Yum~! Now that’s a Happy Meal~!20120424-202159.jpg
Comparing the old Dior compact style to the new.

I met up with Mme.LN at Kona Grill Galleria this evening. I haven’t seen her since my Sister’s Dim Sum Bday. She’s one of the few that has energy to go out after work. For me it all depends, but for the most part you will find me hugging my bed in my pjs.

Mme.LN put together a bag of makeup she doesn’t use, and knowing how much I love makeup she gave me first dibs (In case she’s reading this, “Thank You Again~!!!”). We ate, caught up, and went through her unwanted stash.

Afterwards we went to Sephora, and then Mme.AC met up with us. Off to Zara and Banana Republic, where they had free Easter treats; cookies, lollipops, and jelly beans. Because Mme.AC didn’t have dinner yet, we accompanied her to California Pizza Kitchen.

It’s was nice to hang around friends, a girl’s night =)