After Japanese Festival, me, my mother, brother and boyfriend attended the Youth Art Month Award Ceremony. My brother is one of the students getting awarded this afternoon. It turned out as a more casual event and not a formal ceremony; I think my brother was relieved finding out it wasn’t so.


Above: My brother’s piece.
Below: Other students’ work from different schools and grade levels (K – 12).





The students who got awarded also received free general passes to the Museum of Fine Arts! It’s been a long time since my brother went, and I don’t think my mom has ever been.

Remember I’m still holding onto the fish I won from Kingyo Sukui. The weather was too hot to leave him in the car. So I had to check Mr. Sushi in. There was two museum staff members taking care of coat check-in. I think they were flabbergasted when I told them I needed to leave a goldfish with them. It took awhile to figure out where to place him. I couldn’t just sit him in the cubby, cause the drawstring would unravel and water would come out. I was just about to hang him on a coat hanger, when one of the staff found a cup, perfect!!


As we left the check-in another staff member had joined the two. The two told the just arrived, “We have an animal! No for real!? We checked-in someone’s pet!!” Well there’s a first for everything…I guess =P.

And that’s the short story of Mr. Sushi’s First Museum Trip. Lol, it sounds like a title for a children’s book.